Most Famous Putters Part Two

Published: 30th July 2010
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Most Famous Putters Part Two

Number Four: Wilson 8802

Arnold Palmer made it famous, but one of the best putters of all time - Ben Crenshaw - elevated the Wilson 8802 to a special place in golf's history. Nicknamed "Little Ben," Crenshaw's 8802 was with him through thick and thin, but a replica was used to win the improbable one in 1995 (see comments below). Said Crenshaw's dad of Ben's original 8802, "It was just a putter in Harvey Penick's shop. Ben felt it and waggled it around for a while. 'Dad, I'd like to have it,' he said, so I bought it for him. That club's been the best provider in the family." The putter cost Crenshaw's dad $20.

The 8802 is a simple putter with no heel-toe weighting to speak of and a very clean, simple look. Its design may have been inspired by Calamity Jane (see below), and it won nearly as many majors. Arnold Palmer used the 8802 (and a small revision, the 8813) to win several of his majors, and Phil Mickelson has always seemed to putt best with his remake (currently made by his sponsor Callaway - i.e. Odyssey) of the venerable 8802.

Number Three: Calamity Jane

Arguably the U.S.' most famous golfer (Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods being the only real competition), Bobby Jones mastered golf long before The Masters came to be. His putter, nicknamed Calamity Jane, was a simple offset blade putter forged by Condie and sold by William Winton. The putter was almost 20 years old and already had its famous nickname when it was given to Jones in 1920. Jones replaced the original in 1926 with a duplicate known as Calamity Jane II (and mmade by Spalding). Jones won the last 10 of his major championships with Calamity Jane II and later gave the putter to the USGA Museum. The original remains on display at Augusta National Golf Club.

After winning the Grand Slam in 1930 and retiring, Jones began consulting for Spalding - at that time a clubmaking giant. From 1932 to 1973, Spalding produced a line of clubs under Bobby Jones' name. Dozens of Calamity Jane models in both hickory and steel shafts were made in those 40+ years, but none contained the magic of the original and none won a major of their own.

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